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MY Program : "Low Impact Training Exercise"
“LITE” workout plan
A 3 x 3 systematic approach to increase range of motion, strengthen cardio, increase endurance, and tone muscles. 
Having learned what it takes to train in a busy lifestyle, and the importance of maintaining a good consistent workout program, I developed a simple full body workout to fit most lifestyles.  This approach specializes in people who want to get their life back, without having to train for a professional weightlifting career, or jumping around pounding your joints in some crazy video. If you are an individual that understands that it’s not going to happen overnight, and no pills, potions or magic spells will give you long term health, then I welcome you to take the 110% Fit challenge and try my LITE workout plan.
This approach incorporates six different areas into one complete workout -
Dynamic warm-up / Upper resistance
Upper weight / Aerobic
Lower body / Static cool-down
Add to this mix, a few simple pieces of equipment, proper form and good breathing techniques and you’re on your way to a better life.

Mac Attack Seal

Activity started at a young age for me with swim team in junior high and high school. I became certified as a Scuba Diver at age 14, soloed as a private Pilot age 16.  To round out my teen years I became a Navy Seal at age 18.  During that time I broke the five nautical mile open ocean swim record at BUD/s with a time of 2:27.  I trained in extreme hot and cold weather, traveled to four out of five continents with numerous countries in each.  I was named Navy Sailor of the Year for the European Theater in 1984; I became one of seven finalists for the overall Sailor of the Year of in 1985.  During all this travel, I maintained good physical condition.
At the end of my 20 year career as a Navy Seal, It was time to repair some the damage done to my body.  After surgeries, procedures, and physical therapy, I was left with several physical disabilities that I had to slowly learn to overcome.  Continuing my career I decided to start with animals, and become a Board Certified Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), and managed a Veterinarian Hospital for many years.  Seeking something more in the health and fitness world, and help individuals overcome some of what I had experienced; I became a Certified Personal Trainer.  I developed a system to get individuals back into shape, both physically and mentally, without the high impact of today’s training programs.  I created the Low Impact Training Exercise or “LITE” workout program.
Training Belief - You are never too old to start on improving your status. 110% Fit was conceived to create a motivational environment allowing you the ABILITY to do more than you thought you could.  The OPPORTUNITY to have more control over your physical status. The IDEA to think outside the box and have fun doing it. 

               I specialize in people who just want to get their life back without having to train for a professional weightlifting career .  A good full body workout without the high impact jumping around that only adds pain to the joints.
 I bring a high level of energy and a keen sense of what individuals need in a program. I am a complete package; licensed, bonded insured and all the proper documents to cover a full screening and assessment.  With my background & skills, I am a unique asset to create your personal training program.


110percentfit@cox.net            (619)852-2737


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